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First memories,


What was the emotion of my parents when they saw me for the first time ?
Smart full HD camera
Records videos from the baby's point of view


a lot of emotions...

Babeyes records, analyzes, classifies and saves forever the first moments of a baby's life (from the baby's point of view).

  • How did my mother look at me ?

  • What was the emotion of my father when he saw me for the first time ?

  • With what tenderness did my grandparents welcome me?

Thanks to Babeyes, all these moments, filled with love, will be watched later by the grown child, as if he remembered the scene.



and just a little tech.

  • Babeyes is an extra small HD smart camera,  which is attached to the child's cloth. This camera automatically records sequences of 20 seconds (from the point of view of the baby).

  • All these sequences are transferred with a wire network to the parents' computer (no wifi, no bluetooth). The unique Babeyes interface will then classify all these sequences according to the person on the video, the emotion detected ...

  • Parents will finally be able to use the Babeyes secured cloud as their baby's digital memory.


Babeyes cam + interface access 


  • Smart Camera HD

Motion detection, automatic recording, night vision, up to 5 hours of standby time or 2 hours recording, memory stick


  • Interface

Facial recognition, automatic editing and classifying.



  • Babeyes Cloud (optional)

Secured data storage.

Babeyes Camera

Babeyes Camera

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